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“Under Hull, who makes nearly $422,000 a year, the office has touted a dramatic improvement in turnaround times in producing reports and death certificates. More than 90 percent are now completed within 90 days, meeting a key national standard that helped the office secure full accreditation for the first time in 2018. State officials said Hull has also significantly reduced a backlog of cases she inherited.”

[Note: Considering her impact on public health and safety in Massachusetts, Dr. Mindy Hull’s high salary is worth it.]

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Whenever an expert states the past events that occurred on the basis of looking only at the physical evidence without reference to eyewitness statements, he or she is Affirming the Consequent for Complex Past Events. This is not only logically invalid and unsound, it never works in practice, Sherlock Holmes, CSI and Bones notwithstanding. Whenever ACCPE is listed in my comments to a news article, recognize one more tragic example of how this fallacy can destroy lives. ACCPE can also be understood as “backward reasoning, “effect-to-cause reasoning,” or “abductive inference.”