Dr. Young presents some of his writing on this website.

Recent Forensic Inference Articles

This is for those with some knowledge of statement and predicate logic who want to see logical proof that the Inferential Test is always true, all the time, under all circumstances. The Inferential Test is, “One can be reasonably certain if witness accounts of the past are consistent or not consistent with physical evidence in the present, but one cannot reliably surmise past events from physical evidence unless there is only one plausible explanation for that evidence.”
Another technical treatise for those with some knowledge of Bayes’ theorem and probability theory. It also provides a “list of rules” for the application of forensic science tests to casework.
I wrote multiple emails from 2012 to 2015 for subscribers on a list. They were intended for attorneys and others without technical expertise in forensic science. They simplify forensic inference in a way a layperson can understand.
This is what I intended to be placed at the end of my book, but the publisher preferred that I post it on my website instead.

Earlier Writings

Prior to entering private practice, Dr. Young served as the Jackson County Medical Examiner in Kansas City, Missouri from 1995 to 2006. His tenure as a medical examiner was highly successful at a time when most medical examiner and coroner offices struggle with declining budgets and political stress. Dr. Young discovered how to be successful as a medical examiner, and he shares the lessons he learned in this on-line book. Written in 2007.
The purpose of this small treatise is to demonstrate the power of the Forensic Scientific Method (FSM) and the Inferential Test for Expert Testimony (IT) for finding the truth behind critically important and even ancient past events. Written in 2011.